September 2020

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The Trinitarian God

God is a Triune God meaning that He lives within a trinity of persons known as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Within this trinity is a self-giving love for one another that expresses itself communally. This is an amazing concept – one that our human perspective cannot fully understand. As one commentator said: “if you think you understand the Trinity, you are most likely deceived.”

However, striving to do so is a great activity – one that should consume us as followers of Christ. We should stand in awe of this concept and be so grateful for whatever little we do understand about it. But here is something equally exciting – we can also live it out. We don’t have to just talk about it and think about it – we can embrace it within our central being. Acts 17:28 says, “for in Him we live and move and have our being.”

This does not require a lot of thinking or theology or education. What we have to do is train ourselves to walk and breathe and constantly be conscious of God’s presence and seek to be a blessing to Him – this will help it flow naturally. As I have mentioned before, I love the song by Micheal W. Smith that is called “I See You.” I often have that going over in my head when I am out and about. It helps me get into the zone that everything is okay; that I am doing well and living the dream, and that all is well because I am in the company of my Father. Have a listen to the song when you can – it will help you with this concept.

We need to accept that we are accepted and live in the truth of this. I like this little reminder – “God does not love you because you are good. God loves you because He is good.”

Here is a sad truth – sad because so few grasp it. We are all united to God – but only some of us know it. Many deny and doubt it. Although we call the Gospel the Good News, it is easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that it can’t be that good, especially with all that is going on in the world right now. But we are wrong. God remains on the throne and all things are under His control – everything in life it will ultimately fulfil His purposes, just as His Word describes.

One of our blockages to all of this is our logic. Sure – our logic is God-given – but it can either be fallen or redeemed. We have to move out of our fallen logical thinking, into the realm of faith if we are going to live in the world chosen for us by the Trinitarian God. We have to accept that we are now in a new world – one that only accepts those who are born again. We

are part of a new age called the kingdom of God. It is not here fully yet – but it is certainly available to all those who are in Christ. We need to live out of this realm and draw from all it has to offer. This means we have to protect ourselves from everything that seeks to pull us back into the fallen world. It requires that we guard what we allow ourselves to see, that we take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and that we protect His presence in our lives. The Holy Spirit is always working within us, but we often drown His voice out with things that are not edifying to us.

I want to finish with a great quote from Richard Rohr. He says,

You, yourself are a travelling ark of the covenant; you hold and guard the space where the Presence shows itself. But the Presence, the Force Field, is already held within you. It only needs allowing and appreciating (Taken from The Divine Dance).

God bless you,

Bruce Billington