Sunday Devotional 11th September 2022

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by Bruce Billington


We are continuing to explore the knowledge of God as expressed in the Psalms. This week we will continue to explore Psalm 46, written by the sons of Korah.

Psalm 46:6   The nations made an uproar, the kingdoms tottered; He raised His voice, the earth melted.

This Psalm should raise goose bumps, provoke a righteous fear of God within us and make us so glad that He considers Himself our King and us His sons and daughters. We are on His side, and He is on ours.

This verse can well describe the world we live in today with its intention to dismantle all that reflects the way of the Kingdom of God. It boasts how powerful and unshakeable it is and threatens to deal harshly with those who do not conform to its ways.

But look what happens – the voice of God speaks and suddenly everything that does not conform to His Kingdom collapses in fear and falls into disarray.  Note He has not yet acted – He had only spoken but that was enough to cause all so called brave men and women to stumble and fall; proud armies to be annihilated and human strongholds to tumble. The very earth melts at the sound of His voice!

Charles Spurgeon makes a great statement here but also puts out a cry that we could all do well to pray right now.

How mighty is a word from God! How mighty the Incarnate Word. O that such a word would come from the excellent glory even now to melt all hearts in love to Jesus, and to end for ever all the persecutions, wars, and rebellions of men!

It is a prayer that God can and eventually will answer – not only in the final wrap up of the ages – but also in times such as now. History reveals how He has responded to such cries many times over. Israel’s history is an ongoing saga where nations rose up against her and then God engaged and came to her rescue. One by one, the Gentile nations that meant her harm were brought down, or carried away. God spoke, and they melted at His powerful Word (Jos. 2:9, 24).

This Psalm should remind and reassures us all today that the Lord of hosts – the Commander of heaven’s armies – is our God and even today He is working all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).

As we meditate on this Psalm, we can establish some great truths in our hearts that we need to remind ourselves and others continually in our journey through life (credit to POSB for some of these thoughts).

1. God refreshes us in times of trouble (V4). He brings streams of water to us – but we must drink from them to gain their refreshing springs.

2. Whatever happens in our lives, we can be at peace and rest securely in the knowledge that God has placed His spirit within us – His very presence resides within through His Holy Spirit. How amazing is that?

3. We have the hope of a bright tomorrow (V5). A new morning will dawn on our life. Our dark night of trial will not last forever. The sun will rise in God’s timing, our season of suffering will end, and we will bask in the joy of God’s new day.

Further to this is that a glorious, eternal future awaits us. In this time, we will live forever where there is no night—no sorrow, no suffering, no pain, no death (Revelation 21:4–5; 22:4). Christ will return and destroy His (and our) enemies with the sword of His mouth—His mighty Word (Revelation 19:17–2). Scripture tells us that this truth is intended to be the anchor of our souls (Hebrews 6:18–20).

4. God will send his angels to protect and assist us in times of trouble (v7). As angels came and ministered to Jesus when He was tempted, God’s heavenly hosts are constantly at hand to minister to us (Matthew 4:11; Hebrews 1:14). The author of Hebrews instructed us to always be hospitable to strangers, for we never know when we might be entertaining an angel (Hebrews 13:2). Wow – what a thought that is! I wonder how often this may have happened in our lives.

Let us finish this devotion on a wonderful promise.

Deuteronomy 7:6 “For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.”

God bless you.

Bruce Billington