Sunday Devotional 7th of May 2023

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by Bruce Billington

We are continuing to explore the knowledge of God as expressed in the Psalms. This week we will continue to explore Psalm 46 – a Psalm of the sons of Korah. 

Psalm 46:8-9 – “8 Come, behold the works of the LORD, Who has wrought desolations in the earth. 9 He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariots with fire.”

As we continue to work our way through this Psalm, we again see how the psalmist(s) are proclaiming the power of God and His unchallenged role as the majestic ruler of this earth and all that is associated with it. 

At the time of writing the Psalm, the citizens of Jerusalem were invited to go forth and view the remains of their enemies, so that they may mark the prowess of Jehovah and the spoil which He won for his people. 

As we approach the issues of the world around us, and as we consider the reports of the various forms of media that we follow, we should embrace the very same confidence this Psalm proclaims. As we look back at history, we can see that wherever the way of the Lord has been mocked, attacked, removed, or compromised, He eventually brings about desolation.  God will eventually bring victory over all forms of oppression and degradation. 

Verse 9 tells us that He has rendered useless all the implements of war; breaking the bow, snapping the spear and burning the chariot in the fire. God has the power to do all of this by a word from His mouth. 

In the same way He is in control over all the details of our lives. Sometimes overwhelming trouble can send us into a downward spiral, causing us to crash into uncertainty and fear. Even if this does happen – and many of us have been through such times, God is aware of what is happening. He knows the work He is doing in us, and He will see to it that His will and purpose for us is accomplished (Philippians 1:6). When others work evil against us, God uses it for good. I like the statement that says 

He wisely weaves every thread of our lives into a garment of holiness, gloriously transforming us into the image of His dear Son, Jesus Christ (Source unknown)

The world is not, and never will be, reeling out of control. As repeated so often in the Psalms, God is fully in control and His purposes will be accomplished. Although the wheat and the tares will continue to grow up together until the end (Matthew 13), meaning there will always be troubled times; Christ will eventually return to execute a devastating judgment on all that oppose Him and His ways. At that point undisturbed peace will prevail for eternity. 

However, He often puts an end to wars and disturbances on this planet in our lifetime. Verse 9 tells us that when He pleases to sheathe his sword, he puts an end to the wars of the nations. What we need to understand here is that both war and peace depend upon His Word and His will. 

Once we settle all of this in our hearts, we can continually remind both ourselves and one another that God’s attention and favour is always upon us, and He provides us with abundant help and security in times of trouble. In a great response to this, the Psalmist, calls upon all true disciples to continually consider the works of God. As we do, our fears of what is going on around us should disappear. In fact, we are able to view the world we live in with pleasure and never be afraid of the sin and its consequences which constantly invade this planet.

God bless you. 

Bruce Billington