Madagascar and Reunion Island 

I recently had a report from Marc Stettler who is responsible with us at GoStrategic for this work. Marc goes in twice a year and I normally go in once a year in October. Of course, this cannot happen right now. However, Marc was able to give a wonderful report that in our absence, the leaders in Madagascar have really risen to the occasion and have been able to produce much fruit. This region has been hit hard by Covid-19 however, despite these things there continues to be growth and transformation.  Although technology is a challenge in Madagascar, we were able to produce a conference where Dennis Peacocke was able to do a live message which they were incredibly grateful for. We are remaining in close contact with them and helping in every way we can.  


Mauritius and the Other Islands 

Sadly, Covid has hampered our work in Mauritius and surrounding islands as we still need to be “boots on the ground” in these places to clearly define leadership and strategy. However, what the enemy means for destruction God will use according to His will and though the timing is not “right” right now we continue to pray for this region and will continue to wait on the Lord for what he has for us at a later time. 


If you are in any of these regions and would like to find out more about Strategic Resource Training and how we can serve you, please contact our team below or at