The Restoration of Western Christianity

by Bruce Billington

The Restoration of Western Christianity

5-Part Series by Bruce Billington

The Western World has had the best of everything. This was largely attributable to allowing its foundations to be greatly influenced by the Word of God, especially since Martin Luther’s Reformation in the 16th Century.

Sadly, those days are gone as it exchanges these foundations for liberalism; immorality; a perverted sense of justice and the demand that individual rights are more important than the ways of the Lord. As with other societies that have pursued such ways, it is now severely in decline, including the church.

This series explains this decline and then claims that there is a way back, but only if we, as the true people of God, return to the age-old foundations and repair the breeches as we embrace the message of the Kingdom of God. In this way we can again, begin to ascend the Mountain of the Lord.

The main themes of this series:

  • The need to return to true discipleship – that training and equipping of all believers for the service of the Lord.
  • The true meaning of prosperity and the journey of suffering.
  • An outline of what the right dream, that we should be pursuing, is.
  • How to bring the age to come, into the here and now.
  • The mandate of Isaiah 58:12.
  • What is the Mountain of the Lord and how we can climb it.


This is not a message of doom and gloom. Nor is it a criticism of the church. It is a call for all those in Christ to rise up and take hold of the mission and mandate that we were given in Genesis 1:27-28. It is a call to break out of the empty and selfish way of life that the Western dream offers and embrace the way of the Lord – where we will find the true destiny that God intended for all human beings. This is the only dream worth pursuing – it is the treasure of great price that Matthew 13:44 talks about.

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