Bruce Billington

 Bruce is an international speaker, mentor, and consultant to both churches and businesses. Prior to ministry, he spent 18 years in his own business. In his role as International Director for GoStrategic, Bruce travels constantly to many parts of the world speaking in churches and at conferences on the message of the Kingdom of God and working to establish the schools and training facilities GoStrategic offers. He also runs his own consultancy business with the primary aim of helping Christian business people apply the message of the Kingdom of God into their realm of business. 

 ​He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree  with honours from Otago University and is now working on his master’s degree in Theology. He is the author of “Eternity Begins Now” a book on the understanding and application of the Kingdom of God. 

  Since 1992 Bruce has given a major portion of his time to promote and establish the vision of GoStrategic around the message of the Kingdom of God in many different nations, including the setting up and overseeing of the schools and the support of church leaders who wish to apply the message of the Kingdom through their church ministries. Bruce has had the opportunity to minister in over 23 nations. 

 Bruce is married to Linda and they reside in Wellington, New Zealand. He has two adult children who are both married and are involved in various aspects of the ministry with him. He has 7 grandchildren.